What does anonymisation mean and where is the anonymisation done?

Anonymization is a platform setting that can be done after deleting a user.

There is also an option to set so that anonymisations take place automatically, this is a two-step setting where you. (1) Enables automatic anonymization. (2). Specifies the number of days from the time the user is deleted until the user is to be anonymized.

Warning! Anonymisation cannot be undone so you have to be really sure before anonymizing a user! Once the anonymization is done, you can no longer restore the deleted user.

When an anonymization of a user is done, the user disappears from Stratsys and can not be restored. Comments made by the user in the active database do not disappear, but you can no longer see who made the comment, but it will says anonymised user instead of the persons name.

What is affected:

  • All nodes in all views in all scordcards in the current version
  • All nodes in all views in all scordcards in the planning version

What is not affected:

  • Archived Reports
  • Historical databases
  • Reports marked as completed

To be extra clear: This means that it is no longer possible to see who made the comment in the current / planning version, however, the comment is still there so no loss of data occurs.
It is still possible to see who made the reporting in historical databases and in clearly marked and archived reports.

More about how to create / edit / delete and restore users can be found in the following manual article: User management in the platform