User management in the platform

Information on how to add, modify, delete and restore users.

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Add users

Edit users

Delete users

Restore deleted users

Platform roles

1. Add users

Here's how to manually add new users. If you have AD sync, user management takes place through this.

It is recommended to add users via the Stratsys administration as the users are then automatically added to the platform administration as well. However, there are times when it is advantageous to use the platform administration to add users, for example when you want to add many users at the same time via a file load. Read more under the heading 1.2 Add users via the platform administration

1.1 Add users via the Stratsys administration (The recommended approach)

  • Go to the administration via the gears icon and click on "Users".
  • Then click + Add user (If you can not click on it, you need to get an extra permission from your administrator).
  • Fill in the information for the user and click save.
  • The user will now be added to Stratsys and synced to the platform.

1.2 Add users via the platform administration

You can also add users via the Platform Administration. This option is suitable if you have many users that you want to add through a file import.

Step by step guide:

  • Find the database manager
    • Go to the Platform Administration in the Stratsys left menu. (If you do not see this icon, you probably do not have the "Super Administrator" role in the Platform. Contact your local Stratsys administrator for questions about your privileges.

  • Select the "Users" menu in the Platform Administration. You see the following options for this view:
  1. Search: Here you can look for specific users
  2. Add filter: Here you can add filters to show all users that fall under that filter. Filter exists for Roles (in the platform), License level and Syncronization
  3. Handle users: Here you can add new users, add multiple new users, edit multiple users and download all users.

  • Add new user
    • Fill in user information and follow the instructions in the dialog

Remember: Users created on the platform need to be selected in the databases that users should have access to and need to be granted permissions manually when they are selected.

    • Select users in the database via the Stratsys administration
  1. Go to Stratsys Administration > Users
  2. Select "Add user"
  3. Fill in the email and select the user who appears in the list
  4. Edit permissions and user goup that the user should have

Tip! Talk to your Stratsys contact to initiate automatic transfer of users from the platform to Stratsys.

2. Edit users

2.1 Editing personal data of users in the platform administration

Find the user via the search function and click on the account. Then the box to the right appears were you can peform the edits.

  1. User. Here you see collected info about the user
    1. "Recover Password" Helps you reset a user's password
    2. "Delete User"  Used to delete a user permanently
  2. Profile. Here you get the opportunity to edit the user's information
  3. Settings. What language should the user see in the system?
  4. Roles. Select whether the user should be able to manage users in the platform (user administrator) or all settings in the platform (super administrator).

2.2 Editing user group of users in the Stratsys administration

Premissions bound to the User groups control what a user in Stratsys is authorized to do. This is controlled in Stratsys.

  1. Go to users in the administration
  2. Find the user you want to correct and click on the user
  3. Go to the permissions tab and correct permissions (main & extra)
  4. Save and close

Here you can also add extra membership (premissions) for the user. Extra membership (premissions) are used if you want to give the user additional permissions in addition to their main membership. Add extra memberships by:

  1. Click on "Add extra memberships"
  2. Select on which department in the tree the premission should apply
  3. Select the user group you want to add for the user
  4. Click save

2.3 Change the password for a user

To change a user's password, either go through the Platform Center and search for the user, or through the Stratsys user administration where you click on "Edit account information" to be taken to the user in the platform. 

  1. Click on the key icon that appears below the user icon'
  2. Choose one of the options below:

  • Auto-generate password - An automatic password is generated and sent to the user
  • Let me create the password - You create a manual password and share it with the user
  • Make this user change their password when they first sign in - Activated to force user to change password

3. Delete user

If the user is only in a Stratsys database, it is recommended to search for the user in the "Users" administration tab in Stratsys.

Click "Delete" and your user will be removed from the database. If the user is only in one database, it will automatically be deleted from the platform as well.

Note! If the user is in several databases, it will remain in the platform and other databases after removal and then needs to be deleted from the respective database and finally the platform.

After a user has been deleted, you can choose to restore in case you have accidentally deleted the wrong user or anonymize the user to hide the person's name inside Stratsys, for example in places where the user has done their follow-up. You can set up automatic anonymisation of deleted users, see below.

3.1 Automatic anonymisation of users

Under the "Deleted users" tab, there are settings to set up rules for automatically anonymizing deleted users.

You enable it to happen automatically and specify after how many days the user has been removed as it will be anonymized. It is also possible to anonymize all deleted users here.

4. Restore deleted users

Deleted users can be restored via the platform.

  1. Go to the platform administration and click on the "Deleted users" tab
  2. Search for the user
  3. Click on the three dots on the far right and select "Restore user"

5. Platform roles

The roles available to choose from are super administrator and user administrator. In order for a user to have access to administer the platform, one of the roles needs to be activated.

User administrator gets access to user management (add & remove, impersonate users)

Super Administrator can read and change all administrative settings for your customer in the Stratsys platform.

Developers have access to Stratsys' development portal. Required to handle API integrations.