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Why can't I log in?

Tips on what you can try yourself before contacting your administrator for login issues

If you are unable to log in to Stratsys, you can try these steps yourself before contacting your administrator. You can also read more about logging in here.

1. Check the login link

The login link should look like the following: https://<organization_name>.app.stratsys.com, where "<organization_name>" should be replaced with your organization's name. If you are unsure about your organization's name in Stratsys, check with a colleague who is able to log in to see which link they use.

Try manually entering the link in a web browser if you usually use a saved link, for example:

2. Try in a different web browser

Attempt to log in using a different web browser - recommended web browsers are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

If switching web browsers helps, you can then clear the browsing data in your regular web browser as this often resolves the issue.

3. Clear browsing data

Press "Ctrl + Shift + Delete" in either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then select to clear. If you do this, you will need to log in again on most websites you have visited.

4. Verify the username

Your email address should always work for logging in, but if you log in to Stratsys through your organization's login portal, the username in Stratsys must match the username you have there.

If you receive a message stating that you have the wrong username, contact your organizer and ask them to verify that you have the same username in Stratsys as in the organization's user registry.

If you are able to log in after changing your password but then get logged out again after a few minutes, an incorrect name might also be the cause - follow the advice above.