Tips for working in planning version - for users

Planning for next year? Here, we have compiled our top tips to make the planning process easier for you as a user.

In Stratsys, there is the option to work with two parallel versions (years), allowing for both a current year and a planning year. In the planning year, users have the ability to revise and modify their information without impacting the current year.

When your administrators turns on the planning version in you database you will be able to navigate to it from either the menu or through the the version buttons in the top left corner: 

Here you will be able to add new nodes for the comming year or mark old nodes for deletion. The planning version might not look exactly like current version so here is a short FAQ to answer the most common questions.

What happens when I break the link for a node?

Refer to the answer in this article under the heading "Modifying nodes in the planning version."

Why can't I choose to consolidate a KPI to other departments even though I have broken the link?

This is likely because the node that the KPI is linked to does not exist on the relevant department that you want to consolidate to. Therefore, please look at the node on the left and make sure that it is distributed to the correct departments.

When will the nodes that I have marked for deletion be removed?

The nodes will be removed during the version management process, which means when you completely close 2023 and make 2024 the current year. The same applies to the nodes that are marked in pink, which are nodes linked to a node that is marked for deletion.

Do you have nodes (goals, KPIs, activities, etc.) that have been marked in pink?

This means that they are linked to an overarching node that is marked for deletion. If you want to keep your nodes, you can easily reassign them in the "red thread" view using the drag and drop function. If the drag and drop function is missing in your view, you can always make changes through the connection tab in the settings.

I cannot see some activities in the planning version even though I haven't deleted them. Why are they not visible?

The default setting in the planning version views is that completed activities (with a status of "Completed" or similar) for the current year are not displayed in the planning version. They are not deleted, but rather filtered out to avoid being shown and completely removed during the version management process. If you want to see them, go to the filter funnel and select "All" under status filtering. If you do not have that option, please contact your administrator.