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How do I change the responsible person from one user to another?

Users typically have responsibility for nodes/reports in Stratsys. Change the responsible person by using the functions in the administrator interface.


When employees start, leave, or have new job responsibilities, it is common for reporting responsibilities in Stratsys to need to be transferred.

Follow the tips in this article to change the responsible person:

  • Changing Responsibility for Existing Nodes
  • Changing Default Responsibility and Default Reporter
  • Changing the Owner of Do-boards

It is important to carefully consider which responsibilities should be transferred before removing a user, as certain information will be lost during the removal process, such as default responsibility.

Changing responsibility for existing nodes

To change the responsible person for existing nodes from one user to another, use the "Change responsible" function.

Please note that this function does not affect default responsibility and default reporters - refer to the next section.

It is possible to change responsibility from previously removed users, as long as they have not been anonymized.

1. In the administration section, select "Change responsible":

2. Enter the name of the person who will no longer have responsibility in the "Change responsible/reporter from" field. Enter the name of the person who will take over the responsibility in the "Change responsible/reporter to" field.

3. Specify which node types/reports the responsibility transfer should apply to.

4. Save. You will not receive any feedback, but all responsibility has now been transferred.

Change of default responsibility and default reporter

If a user takes over another user's tasks and the old user was the default responsibility and/or default reporter for their unit, you will need to manually add the user who will take over the responsibility. The "Change responsibility" function mentioned above does not perform this step.

Learn more about the function itself here:

When a user is removed, they are also removed as the default responsibility and default reporter.

If the user has not been removed, you can see their responsibility on the user page:

Add the same units/roles to the user who will take over and save - don't forget to select both Unit and Role for default responsibility.

Change owner of Do-boards

Also, remember to change the owner of Do-boards before deleting a user. You can change the owner of Do-boards using impersonation.