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E-mail settings

Allows you to configure settings for automatic e-mail messages from the system. The Administration page contains four main areas:

Tab: General

Here you can choose to close (and activate) all outgoing e-mail. You can also choose to redirect all outgoing mail to one or more addresses you type yourself (separating with commas). The purpose of redirecting all outgoing emails may be to test out the other settings associated with e-mail.

Allow sending email with login credentials
E-mail with login information should go out to newly added users and for password changes.

Default sender
Here you enter the Name and the Email address That is used as the default sender in all mail from the system. The default setting is usually Name: Stratsys and Email Address: noreply@stratsys.se.

Link to the system in outgoing email messages
Ange Link title  And link adress (url) To be included in all emails sent in the system. Enter the address of the system login page so the user who gets an email can navigate to the system much faster!

Recipients of proposals from the proposal box
Here you can specify the address from which to send suggestions from the proposal box. The suggestion box is located at the bottom of the home screen.

Recipients of messages from the error page (for support help)
Specifies the recipient address for error messages. The address should be title = "mailto:support@stratsys.se" href = "mailto:support@stratsys.se" target = "_ blank" rel = "external nofollow noopener" >support@stratsys.se.

Tab: Reminders

Here you can activate automatic e-mail reminders before and after deadlines for goals, measures, activities, the task's record date and the data nodes. You can set the following:

  1. How many days before the deadline to send reminders.
  2. If reminders should expire daily before a deadline.
  3. The number of days after a deadline that daily e-mail reminders should expire.

For measures and activities you can also choose to send a reminder for comments, the email follows the settings you make for Påmminelse for deadline.

4. Also send reminders for commenting.

If you have missed commenting for a period, you will not get a new reminder for the next period.

Ex: A task with start date 2021-06-01 and end date 2023-12-31
We unloaded that today's date is 2021-10-31
We have set the periodicity of the month for the task column and the responsibility role says that we should both comment and report the status. We also have a reporting table filter that says mail should be sent for activities.

This means that it will not be sent a reminder because the comment for June is more than 30 days overdue (we assume we have reporting no later than 15 days after the end of the period.) If no comment is written on the task, the first reminder will be sent first 2018-12-01 and then apply the final reporting of the task.

Provided that you have chosen to activate outgoing mail (under the tab General), reminders will be sent to the users who are responsible for any target/measure/activity.

Goals, measures and activities may remain delayed on the user's home page after the deadline has passed and reminder emails can be sent out to remind the Reporter of the reporting (in previous versions, nodes were never left behind as overdue for commenting Immediately after the deadline). The nodes remain as overdue for the users whose responsibility role is set to comment on the node. These settings are made during Responsibility roles.

Preview e-mail notifications without sending them
It is possible to preview the reminders that will be sent out. Click on the button Run, a table is generated with the users who will receive mail, at the current time. It may take a while for the content to be generated.

Obs! If a user is responsible for multiple measures or tasks at a specific deadline, those reminders are automatically bundled together in the same e-mail reminder.

Send e-mail when automatic copy of report
This applies to all reports that are automatically copied.

Obs! Those who receive mail on automatic copying of a report are users who meet the following 2 requirements:

1. Users who are authorized to administer the "common template", read the report template.
2. Users who have a main permission or Extrabehörighet on the report's administrative unit, read the device on which the report was created.

Send email at the added responsibility role
When a manager is added to a text node, KPI-node, or activity node in the control model columns you have checked for, an e-mail message is sent to the user.

Send a system e-mail
If any user has heard and reported that they are not receiving e-mail reminders from the system, you can try sending a test mail to that user to see that the problem is not in that user's email client. You can check that the email is not stuck in any spam filter in this way.