Charts are used to visualize data in Stratsys for different measurements. Charts are divided into two tabs where you can do:

  1. Settings for Chart templates
  2. Settings For the size of the diagrams

Settings you make here affect the setting options that users can access when they use charts in views

Flik: Chart templates

Under the tab chart templates you have the option to create templates for charts that you want to use to visualize measurements in Stratsys. You can also select which chart should be the default chart in a new KPI node or in a mesurement template.

Default selection of chart template
is set by tapping the template name and clicking Flag that appears.

Chart name
You change the chart name by setting yourself in the Name field, this is shown in the image above as "line chart" and is visible as "name..." In the grayed out area when you add new chart templates.

Visa stödlinjer
Some charts make it easier to read data values if the chart contains horizontal and/or vertical gridlines.

Setup for series 1. To series 6.
Click the dashed box between Series And Stack To specify the color you want the data to be displayed with.
Click the word Stack To choose between displaying the data Stack, Line Or Area For each Series.

Dataetiketter Used to display and print the value of the data.

Shows in real time all the changes you make above.

Delete Chart
At the far right, click Dust bin To remove a Diagrammall.

Obs. If you choose to change the Default Diagrammall and want to remove the same, you must first save your change to the new selection of Default Diagrammall.

Add Chart template
When you start typing in the underlying grayed out diagrammallen will be activated and a new greyed out Chart template Added below it. Continue as above until you reach the desired variation of Chart template To choose from.

Tab: Settings

Provides a space for you to set the size of the chart template when viewed in views or reports by using different node properties. But even if, for example, empty periods should be shown or not in the diagrams.

If you choose to click the check box shown in the following illustration, all empty periods will be deleted when displaying data in charts.

You can make changes to the pixel size for Width And Height For the following parts of the diagrams. Click the value you want to change, enter a new one, and when you're done, exit with a robust click on save.

  • Chart node properties in views -Sets the width and height of charts that appear embedded directly in views.
  • The chart node properties in reports -Specifies the width and height of a chart displayed in a report.
  • Old chart icon views -Sets the chart size for the old Node properties chart icon.
  • Target goal chart-node properties -Sets the size for Node properties Target goal chart.