Consolidation fields

Here you have the option to select which fields on a measure (KPI) or activity will be the consolidation field. Consolidation fields can be set for consolidated measures (KPI) and activities, but it is not possible to turn on text/target nodes.

The purpose of the Consolidation field is:

  1. Prevent users from making changes at the wrong level in fields such as descriptions, procedures, and more.
  2. Facilitate updates of information in consolidation chains.

If a change is made to a field in the node at the top of a consolidation chain, the change is automatically passed on to all nodes that are part of the chain (assuming that the feature is enabled). In addition, it is not possible for underlying units to change these fields. This setting is turned on during administration and has an effect on all consolidation chains for the entire database. However, the top-level node must be saved and closed to send the text in the Description field or selected keywords to the underlying units.


  1. The settings are made separately for KPI-nodes and Activity-nodes.
  2. Under each Nodetype heading, select the check boxes for the information that you want to consolidate.
  3. The effect will now be that the fields you selected are locked for editing on all nodes except the top of the consolidation chain, and that the changes you make to the node at the top automatically turn through the other nodes in the chain when the node is saved.