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Description fields

Creating, modifying, deleting, and working with Description fields

Create a new description field

Edit a Description Field

Select description fields for columns

Change order/sort description fields

Remove a description field

What is a description field?

A description field is used to explain to users how various control model columns are intended to be used.

For example, it could explain how the "Purpose" field is meant to be used in a specific text column or what aspects are considered most important when describing a measurement method. The same description field can be used for the nodes in one or more control model columns.

In the example below, a KPI node is shown with the description field labeled "Description." The description field itself has its own description/help text that is displayed when the question mark is clicked (blue box in the image below).

The description fields are also visible in the monitoring window under the "Information" tab.

Create a new description field

Go to the Description field menu in the administration:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the name of the new description field and any description.

Type for description field

Choose the type of description field to have. "Distributed information that can be customized per department" is the recommended setting:

When using the description field in text nodes that are made visible on multiple devices, the choice matters less - the description field is then always controlled from the topmost device, regardless of type. Select the recommended setting.

The type has the following effect on KPI's or activity nodes that are copied to other departments:

1) Distributed information that can be customized per department:

The description text written for the KPI/activity on the top entity is displayed for all underlying entities that do not have their own description.

Each unit can customize its description. Changes to the text on the top unit only affect units that do not have their own description.

2) Department specific information: Each underlying department with the KPI or activity node may write its own description that fits the department. What you write is only visible on the current department.

3) Common information for all departments: The description text for the KPI/activity on the top department description is always displayed on all underlying units. Underlying units cannot make their own adjustments.

Save your new description field.

If the description field is to be mandatory, click on the gray checkbox, which means that a text must be written for the node to be saved. This can be handy if the description field is often overlooked.

Klicka på knappen Välj beskrivningsfält för kolumner för att välja var det nya beskrivningsfältet ska visas i verktyget.

Click on the "Select description field for columns" button to choose where the new description field should be displayed in the tool.

Edit a Description Field

To edit the Name and Description fields, simply click on the text and make direct edits - don't forget to save your changes.

To modify the visibility of the field for nodes in specific columns, scroll to the bottom and click on "Select description field for columns".

If you want the description field to be mandatory, click directly on the checkbox - remember to save your changes.

Change type: Depending on what type you change from and to, you get different effects. You always get a description of what is happening - read carefully! Don't forget to save.

Note: Text in already filled description fields may be lost when changing type. Always read the description carefully. When switching to "Distributed, non-customizable", underlying device description fields are always overwritten.

Select description fields for columns

At the bottom of the page, you will find the option to select description fields for columns. Here, you can choose which description fields should be displayed for all nodes in a specific control model column.

Start by selecting the control model from the dropdown list, then click on the "Gear" icon next to the column you want to modify the description fields for.

In the "Available" list, select one or more description fields and move them to the "Selected" field by clicking on the arrows. You can also remove description fields by clicking on the arrows in the opposite direction. Don't forget to save your changes afterwards.

Change order/sort description fields

Click on "Select description fields for columns" located at the bottom of the page. Select the description field in the list on the right and change the order using the arrow keys as shown in the image, then save.

Remove a description field

Removing a description field can refer to two different actions. Either you want to hide the description field in nodes belonging to a specific control model column, or you want to delete the entire description field and its description text from all areas in the tool where it is used.

NOTE! Removing a description field cannot be undone, so it is recommended to consult with your consultant if you are unsure about the impact of the removal on the system.

Hide a description field in all nodes of a control model column

See: Select description fields for columns.

NOTE! If you choose to hide a description field in a control model column and then change your mind and add it again, your previous descriptions in the relevant nodes will be restored.

Delete an entire description field

Click on the trash can icon on the far right of the description field. Please note that the description field and all descriptions added to different nodes that have used this description field will be removed. If this is what you want, click on the trash can icon, scroll down, and then save.