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Description fields

Select column Description fields

Create a new Description field

Change and delete description fields

A description field is used to explain to users how it is intended to use different scorecard columns. This may be an explanation for how it is intended that the Purpose Should be used in a special text column or what aspects you consider most important when measuring a method of measurement. You can use the same description fields in the nodes of one or more scorecard columns.

The following example shows Ändrafönstret In a måttnod that has three different description fields: Purpose, Målvärde And Test method and Routine. The description fields appear in a Blue Help box when the user points to a Description field and then clicks Question mark.

I Rapporterafönstret Does not show the general help texts for a description field, but only the texts written for each node. See example below.

Select column Description fields

Below the list of description fields, you will find the option Select column Description fields. Click there to open a window where you can set up exactly which description fields will appear in all nodes of a specific scorecard column. Start by selecting the scorecard in the Dropdownlistan and then Wrench At the column for which you want to change the Description field.

A list of all available description fields appears in the Available. You select one or more description fields in the list and move them to the Selected By clicking on the arrows shown in the sample image to the right. You can also move a description at a time with double-click.
Change the order of the Description field
This is also where you go if you want the description fields to appear in a different order in change mode. Select the Description field in the list on the right and change the order with the arrow keys. The following illustration shows how the description fields are placed if they have the order shown in the image above.

Create a new Description field

To create a new Description field, start by setting up the Name field. On the page Add Description field appears, and then type the name of the new text field and any help. The help text will be displayed in Change And reporting view via the Blue Question mark that appears when you hover over a description field. Click on the button to save the text field.

You can also choose whether the Description field should be mandatory, this can be useful if the description field is often missed to be filled in, which forces you to enter something in the Description field.

Then go on to Select column Description fields To be able to choose where to display the new Description field in the tool.

Change a Description field

For the name and description columns, you can set yourself directly in the text and edit it. For the column "visible to nodes in these columns", scroll to the bottom and click "Select Columns Description field", for the required column, select/deselect by clicking the Checkmark. To save your changes, click Save in the bottom-right corner.

Delete a Description field

Deleting a description field can mean two different things. You can either hide the Description field in nodes belonging to a special scorecard column, or you want to delete the entire Description field and its description text in all locations throughout the toolbar where it is used.

Obs! It is not possible to undo the deletion of a description field so please talk to your consultant if you feel unsure about how you want the deletion to go to and affect the system.

Hide a Description field on all nodes of a scorecard column
Is Select column Description fields.

Obs! If you choose not to display a Description field in ascorecard column and then change your mind and add it again, you will regain your previous descriptions in the current nodes.

Delete an entire description field
Click the Trash icon at the far right o the Description field. Keep in mind that the Description field and all the descriptions added to the various nodes that used this description field will be deleted. If this is what you want, click the Trash, then scroll down and save.