Gadget for Top risks

You who work with Risk KPIs can display your top risks in a gadget on the product dashboard

1. Settings for using the top risk gadget

2. How to create a top-risk gadget

Top risk Gadget

The gadget shows your top risks, sorted by risk Level. It gives you a clear overview of your identified risk right on you product dasboard. The gadget is filterable and interactive - you can click on the risks to get to the risk matrix view to, for example, work further with measures to counteract them.

1. Settings for using the top risk gadget

To get the Top Risk gadget up and running you will have to ensure that the following conditions are met:

1) You must have a product license for your product.

2) The scorecard must be linked to this product:

3) At least one KPI column in the scorecard must be linked to a risk KPI template:

4) Your risks and risk KPI templates must be of the Risk KPI type. See how to create these or convert existing risks here: Risk KPIs

5) The risk matrix must be activated to use risk KPI (this setting is only visible to Stratsys employees - contact your Stratsys consultant to activate this).

6) You need to put the gadget on a product dashboard

2. How to create a top-risk gadget

In order for you to create a top risk gadget, some conditions must be met. See Settings for using the top-risk gadget. 

From the product dashboard, select "Add Gadget" and select "Gadget Risk" gadget

Note! If you do not see it or that you get the message that you lack correctly configured Scorecard columns, read the terms and conditions above.


Select which Scorecard column and KPI column the risks are to be taken from. Also choose which view the user should end up in to work further with the risks.

If you choose to be able to filter on underlying departments, you get this choice interactively in the gadget:

You can also filter the risks, by keywords and by linked parent nodes:

After that you just hit save and a Top-risk gadget should now be visible on your dashboard. To adjust the size of the gadget, just press the lower right corner of the gadget and drag it to the desired size.