Enterprise features in the platform

Here we describe the settings that are in the platform that is included in the Enterprise offer

The features described are available to you who have Enterprise. If you want to know more about Enterprise, read here or contact your customer manager at Stratsys.

In the platform administration, which is accessed from the gear in the lower left corner, you have with Enterprise a number of features that can be found at the bottom left. You can read about other platform features here.


Security control

Here you can set certain security settings that will apply to you. For example, whether employees at Stratsys should be able to log in, IP restrictions, login security.

Database hub

The database hub gives you the opportunity to take and administer two copies of your database yourself. The copies can be used as, for example, training or test environments.

You can read more information about how the handling is done here Database hub.

User Sync

With the help of a user sync, you can automatically add, update and delete users from your user directory. The synchronization can be done in different ways and supports most user directories.

User Insight

In the Insight Portal, you can take part in what your use of Stratsys looks like. It is visualized in diagrams and tables and is intended as a support for you in how you can develop and adapt Stratsys to the needs of your organization and users.

Audit log

Information is gathered here about additions, deletions and changes to users as well as adjustments to licenses in the platform. You can filter in the list using the filters at the top. The log can be used to keep track of what is happening and as a basis if, for example, it does not work as intended during a user synchronization.

Developer Portal

Through Stratsys' development portal, you can build your own integrations to and from Stratsys via our APIs

Other features

In addition to the Developer Portal, User Sync and Single Sign On, you as Enterprise customers can take part in several of our ready-made integration adapters.

Key figures Integration

Submit data automatically to key figures in Stratsys from your other systems. The data can be sent via file on SFTP server or via API.

Dynamic third-party embedding

Visualize parts from other systems, eg BI systems, directly inside Stratsys. The visualization can be done as dashboards, as a view in the menu or as a basis for individual key figures.

Web-published reports

Web publishing of reports means the ability to publish selected reports from Stratsys on a website, either internally on an intranet or on a public website. The reports become interactive but of course retain their original appearance and content.

Published annual wheels

A published annual wheel is an integration that means that the annual wheel can be displayed (published) to internal or external web. The year wheel becomes interactive and clickable when it is published.