The roles in Stratsys Meetings

The following roles are used in Stratsys Meetings - these only apply if you do not use any of Stratsys' other products at the same time, as the organizer license is included for all users with a Stratsys user license.

Participant: Free, no upper limit.

You can:

  • Participate in meetings at the invitation of the organizer.
  • Fill in notes, actions and decisions in a meeting.

Organizer: User license needed

This role is tagged with "User Provisioner" in the  user administration. 

  • Do everything a member can do, and also: 
  • Create own meetings.
  • Edit meetings you attend to.
  • Send invitations.
  • Access to the Templates and Categories functions

Administrator: User license needed

This role is tagged with "User Administrator" in the user administration.

You can:

  • Do everything  a member and organizer can do, and also:
  • Administer user with a lower role than Administrator.
  • Manage payment and subscriptions under the Subscription-tab.

Note: If you as an administrator need to change your own user, or colleagues with administrator rights, contact Stratsys via Help/Support in the tool.

For information regarding payment: