Why can't the node be connected?

If you are unable to create a connection in the way you desire from the node's connection tab, you can find the most common problems and reasons here.

Problem: There are no options at all to change and add connections


You can usually only change the connection from the top department for KPIs and activities. You can see which unit is the main departmen under the Departments tab. Go to that department instead and try again. If this does not work, you probably do not have permission to change the node on the department. Contact your administrator.

Problem: I can't connect to the node I want


If the node you want to connect to is in the tree but lacks the radio button, it's likely the connection rules that determine such a connection is not allowed. Check the connection rules.

If the node is not in the tree, it's probably not visible/distributed on the department you are on. Check this in the settings for the node you want to connect to.

Problem: I can't create a connection to another scorecard


If you, as a global administrator, cannot create connections to other scorecards, the ability to select nodes is probably missing. Read about connection rules.

If you, as a user, cannot create connections to other scorecards, it may be because you lack permission in the scorecard you want to connect to. Contact your administrator.