Why am I not receiving email reminders?

This article covers the most common questions regarding missing email reminders and how to troubleshoot them.

Review the email log

No emails are being sent at all: Check central settings

Emails are not sent despite activation: Check To-Do list and responsibility role settings

Emails are not sent to a specific user: Check account settings

There are many settings that affect how email reminders are sent out. The purpose of this article is to go through the most common questions and how you can proceed to troubleshoot.

Read more about the function here: E-mail settings


Here is a troubleshooting checklist of the things you need to check to get the desired email notifications. If the answer is 'yes,' proceed to the next item on the list.

First of all: Review the email log and check email settings in the platform and in the database to ensure that email is actually enabled and that reminder days are correct.

1. Find a suitable test user to perform the troubleshooting on – it can be yourself.

2. Locate the task for which you want the user to receive a reminder. Ensure that the user is responsible for this task via a responsibility role.

3. Impersonate the test user and go to their To-Do list. Expand the filter to its maximum time frame. Does the task appear in the To-Do list?

No: Skip to 7.

4. Check the deadline date on the card. Does the deadline match your expectation of what it should be?

No: Skip to 9.

5. Preview the date you believe an email should be sent. Does it appear in the preview as expected?

No: Skip to 10.

6. Ask the user to check their account settings (cannot be done while impersonating) to ensure they have not disabled email reminders. Also, ask the user to check their spam folder. If this doesn't yield any results, skip to 10.

7. Check the To-Do list settings. Are reminders enabled for the scorecard column to which the task belongs?

No: Enable reminders for the correct scorecard column. Ensure you select the right comment type, i.e., the one the user should comment on for the task. Return to step 3.

8. Check the responsibility role that the user has for the task. Is it set up for the responsible person to comment/report for the node type associated with the task?

No: Activate the responsibility role to take action on the task and save. Return to step 3.

9. Check the periodicity for the node to which the task belongs, in the scorecard column or locally in the node. Verify the deadline settings for the periodicity. Make changes as needed, but read up before making any changes to periodicities in scorecards. After making changes, go back to step 4. Otherwise, skip to step 5.

10. If you have made changes to settings as described above, wait until the next email reminder is expected to be sent (e.g., next Monday or the following day). If the email still doesn't arrive, you have now troubleshooted to the best of your ability. Submit a support ticket and request assistance, attaching information about the user and the task you used in the troubleshooting checklist.

Review the email log

The email log displays the outgoing or attempted email deliveries. You can search by type of delivery, delivery status, date, and recipient:

If you do not find any delivered email messages here, proceed with the troubleshooting.

If there are deliveries that have not been made, it may be due to incorrect email addresses or users marking the deliveries as spam, for example.

No emails are being sent at all: Check central settings

For emails to be sent at all, the setting must be enabled in the Platform Center. You activate deliveries for your entire customer, and if you have multiple live databases, you can enable whether emails should be sent for them separately:

If you, as a customer, have your own hosting and are not migrated to the platform: Activate outbound email from the database settings instead - for those with platform center settings, these settings are irrelevant.

Finally, check that you have set active reminder days correctly on the next tab:

Emails are not sent despite activation: Check To-Do list and responsibility role settings

Reminders will only be sent for what is displayed in the To-Do list for a user. As an administrator, you configure which responsibilities should be reminded of in the settings as shown in the image:

Responsibility Role Settings
For a person to be reminded of a task in the To-Do list, they need to be responsible, and the responsibility role must be correctly configured. If a responsible person is specified, and the task still doesn't appear in the To-Do list, also check that the responsibility role actually requires the user to perform a task on the node type - report or comment:

Emails are not sent to a specific user: Check account settings

A user can choose whether they want email reminders. The user must review their account settings themselves as these cannot be impersonated. Ask the user to check the following settings:

Emails are sent on incorrect dates: Preview and check periodicity and deadlines

If emails are sent on different dates or on more/less dates than expected, start by previewing what will be sent. You can read more about the function (1) and run the preview after choosing the desired date (2):