Measurements columns

Add a measurements column

Change a measurement column

Delete a column

TAB: Locking measurements columns

Add a measurements column

At the bottom of the list of measurements columns, you always have the option to add a new one. Click the Namefield fill in column by column. Name Applies to the entire measure column and is only visible to administrators when measures and views are set. Value Used for calculations, Texts displayed, for example, Reporting and Color Helps to visualize the effect of the selected option in views and reports, and for example reporting in metrics.

Obs! No changes will come through until you choose to click save.

Change Measurements Column

Click in the current field and make your change. Changes also come through in periods where data is already reported.

At the bottom of each measurements column you also have the possibility to add new values.

Obs! No changes will take effect until you choose to click save.

Delete a column

To remove a value From one measurements column , hover over the line with value And then the visibility Trash For the line at the far right. Click this to delete the line. Note that for the top row of each measurements column there are 2 garbage bins. The innermost one removes the row and the outer entire column so be careful where you click.

Picture example: the part that becomes highlighted will be removed. To delete the entire measurement template, point to the Name field (in the example "priority").

Obs! No changes will take effect until you choose to click Shoot.

TAB: Measure column Locking

Bleed, Forecast, target columns, and year columns
Provides the ability to display the contents of each column type from the KPI node directly in the view via the node properties for each column type, node properties is added to the scorecard column where the values are to be displayed.
The column types are also used to determine which KPI nodes to display in the reporting table gadget on the KPI varies home page. Node properties remain until the reporting requierments are met, the requirements are set in the Responsability roles used in the KPI nodes.

Year goal columns also have the following properties
For the columns that are listed as year goal columns, you only need to enter one value per year. The value is entered in the last period of the year and is valid for the entire year. By selecting the check box Lock all year goal columns Locks the annual goal columns for reporting in the current version. For the columns that you specify as annual goal columns, the values will only have to be reported once a year. If you enter yealy goal in December, the value will be automatically refilled in the remaining months of the year as well.

Measure column Locking
No locking

Locks for Select units, (gives you access to the organizational selection tree).

Lock for all units

Use the same value for all periods within the same year, (if you want to lock the measure column for a Version).

Obs! Under the tab Settings In the KPI node/dimension template, specify one of these column types if you want to use bleed, forecast, Target, and Yearly goal.