Edit several KPIs

During the setting Change Device metrics You can make a change on all the dimensions of a desired unit. This applies to already created measures and should be done with great care when historical måttdata as well as earlier measure definitions can disappear. If you are not sure, contact Stratsys.

Step 1. Selection

Update the measurements in both versions:
Here you select whether the measures in question should be updated only in the selected version, the version you are in when you open "change multiple measures" in the administration, or whether the update includes both versions.

The version you see is in the version selector but also in the image after the selected version:...

Obs! In planning, only the nodes that are visible in the planning change and the dimensions that are not losskopplade are disconnected. Therefore, no changes will be seen in the current version.

Obs! In the current version, only the nodes are updated in the current version, and by default the changes will be reflected in the planning version for those measures that are not losskopplade but not for those that are losskopplade. Also, select "Update the measurements in both versions" The changes will also be applied to the nodes that have been losskopplade in the planning and the measures added to the planning.

Select the scorecard where the measurements are located.

Displays the current level of the unit you are on, to change the unit level, you must change the unit you are on in the unit selector. The update also includes the underlying units, select "and the underlying units" to include all of the underlying units to the selected unit.

Change only measures created from the following measurment template:
Here you select the Standard KPI to be covered by the change and thus ultimately the dimensions.

Step 2. What is to be updated?

Name to switch to:
If you are renaming the measurements, type the new name here.

Change to the settings from the following måttmall:
If you have a måttmall that you want to change to, select this here.

Here you can update the names of the selected Måttmall above.

Here you can change any definition in the list for the previously selected measure template.

Number of measures that will be updated:
Here you can see the number of measures covered by your selected updates and that will be updated.

Obs! However, locked fields for measures that are consolidated will not be updated.

Finish by clicking on "Update Selected Fields" This button will appear as grayed out as "choose what to Update" until you made your selections.