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How do I move a node to another department?

Step-by-step instruction to change main department for nodes


Have you accidentally created a node in the wrong department or are undergoing an organizational change? With the "Change main department for nodes" feature, it's possible to move nodes that are not consolidated from one department to another.

Permission requirements

  • Only full administrators have access to administration to change the main department for nodes.


  • The "Change main department for nodes" feature allows you to move nodes between departments.
  • Only nodes that are not consolidated can be moved. 
  • A node must be visible in the department it is being moved to, based on connections to other nodes.
  • Move connected nodes simultaneously if possible.
  • For consolidated KPIs linked to an activity, contact your nearest contact at Stratsys.


Go to "Change main department for nodes" in the administration settings.

  1. Select the department that the node currently has as its main department.
  2. Choose the department the node should be moved to.
  3. Select which scorecard the node belongs to.
  4. Choose nodes to move and click "Update".
  5. Cannot move if the node is consolidated (the checkbox is grayed out). See prerequisites above.