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Keyword groups

Add a keyword Group

Change, add, and delete keyword groups

Manage keyword icons

Here you can create keyword groups and add a collection of keywords to them. Keywords are a feature that involves noticing nodes with specific concepts. The keywords create more possibilities for filtering and sorting information in views and report parts. You can set which levels in the scorecard will have which keyword groups and whether the keywords should apply to the entire node or whether they should be set per period.

Add a keyword Group

Click on the button Add, at the bottom of the Administration alternative keyword groups. You will then get to the page add keyword Groups Where you can make settings in three areas: General, rights And Make visible to nodes in the following columns.

In the text box, enter the name of the keyword group.

Allow multiple keywords
By selecting the text box, you enable the ability to select multiple keywords in the same node within the same keyword group.

Filter on any keyword
I Filter settings For keywords, you have the option to enable an option to filter out all objectives/measures/activities Not Missing keywords. In the text box, specify what the filtering option should be called, preferably Anyone with keywords.

Filter on without keywords
I Filter settings For keywords, you have the option to enable an option to filter out all goals/measures/activities that have no keywords. In the text box, specify what the filtering option should be called, preferably No selected keywords.

Allow users to add new keywords
Give users the ability to tie new keywords to the nodes. This option is only enabled if you Allow multiple keywords.

The keywords in the group should be accrual-based
Accrual keywords mean that the keyword is linked to the comment period and reported when you write comments. If the comments are unit specific, the Accrual keyword is also specifically. For nodes that are consolidated, the comments are automatically unit-specific. Even for SYNLIGGJORDA nodes, they are by default unit-specific. See settings for SYNLIGGJORDA nodes in Comment Settings/General.

Periodicerade keywords are selected in Reporting view Above the comment field. Non periodicerade keywords are selected in change tab and applies to the entire visibility chain.

It becomes mandatory to enter keywords. Keyword option no Cannot be selected when Mandatory is enabled.

Unit-specific keywords
Enables the ability to have keywords in the group that are only selectable for a particular unit.

Obs! If the node is visible to more units (not consolidated), the keywords that apply to the top-level unit are also visible to the underlying units. If you want all units to be able to choose their own keywords in Synliggjorda nodes, you also need to enable accrued keywords and have unit-specific comments. See The keywords in the group should be accrual-based.

Standard keyword
By default, by selecting a keyword, you specify that the keyword will be preselected when a user adds a node that contains the keyword group. Obs! To make this option visible, you must first have added keywords to the keyword group. You will be given the option to select all the added keywords and the No.

Alphabetical Sorting of keywords
By default, you can change the order in which keywords are displayed. With this setting enabled, keywords are automatically sorted by name.

Here you can make settings that control who is allowed to add keywords. The following options are available:

Anyone who gets to change the node -All users who have sufficient basic permissions are allowed to enter keywords.

Administrator-onlyEr-only users with administrator privileges are allowed to enter keywords.

Only users with special reporting rights -Only users belonging to groups with special reporting rights can enter keywords.

Is User groups For more information about access control settings.

Make visible to nodes in the following columns
Here you can see a list of the scorecard columns that are currently in your tool. Select the check boxes for the scorecard columns that you want the keyword group to be visible in. Activities In IS Business Plan , the keyword group is added to all nodes that are created in that column.

Make visible on the following units
Here you can set the unit level at which the keywords should be visible, by default all units are selected, but you can also switch to unit group and selected units.

Change Keyword Group

To change a keyword group, click the blue text Change keywords In the column to the right of the keyword group name you want to change. You can freely select the order of the keywords using the cross, this becomes visible when you hover over the respective Keywords. Other changes are made using the same method as described in Add a keyword Group.

Delete a keyword group

To delete a keyword group, click Wrench To the left of the keyword group name that you want to delete. Click on the button Remove At the bottom of the page.

Add, change, or remove

To add keywords, click Change keywords In the column to the right of the keyword group where you want to add the new keyword. You will then get to the page Change keywords for (keyword group name).

Here you can see a list of the keywords that are already in the group.

Add a new keyword
To add a keyword, click Namnfältet Below the list of existing keywords. Then select Nyckelordsikon Via the Dropdownmenyn via the arrow to the right. To add a new keyword icon, go to Manage keyword icons.

Change a keyword
Name changes are made directly Namnfältet. To change the keyword icon, click the arrow on the right side of the keyword name and make the desired changes.

Delete a keyword
Click the Dust bin. It is possible to delete the keywords used in the system, they will then disappear on the nodes where they have been selected.

Adjust the order of keywords
To move a keyword, hold the mouse pointer to the far left and click the cross icon then drag and drop the keyword in the desired position.

Manage keyword icons

Below the list of keyword groups, you will find the option Manage keyword icons. Here you can upload icons to the system which then can be linked to your keywords. Click on the button Browse and find the icon you want to use on your computer. Confirm your selection by clicking on the button Add icon.

Obs! The icons you upload must be of jpg, PNG, or GIF formats and we recommend that it be processed so that it has 16x16 pixels. If you upload a larger image, it will be reduced.

Delete a keyword icon
Point to the icon you want to delete and click Dust bin. Confirm the deletion. The nodes that used the keyword icons will now appear without an icon but still contain information about which keyword is selected.