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Keyword groups

Here, you can create keyword groups and add a collection of keywords to them. Keywords are a feature that involves tagging nodes with specific terms. By using keywords, you can create more opportunities for filtering and sorting information in views and report sections. You can configure which levels in the control model should have which keyword groups, and determine whether the keywords should apply to the entire node or be set on a per-period basis.

Add a keyword group

Click on the "Add" button at the bottom of the "Keyword Groups" administration option or press the wrench icon on existing keywords. This will take you to the administration of a keyword group where you can make settings within three areas: General, Permissions, and Visible for nodes in the following columns.


In the text box, you enter the name of the keyword group.

Enable multiple keywords

By selecting the checkbox, you activate the ability to choose multiple keywords within the same node in the same keyword group.

Filter by any keyword

In the Keyword Filter settings, you have the option to enable a filter that displays all goals/measures/activities that do not have any keywords. In the text box, you specify what the filtering option should be called, for example, "All with keywords".

Filter by no keyword

In the Keyword Filter settings, you have the option to enable a filter that displays all goals/measures/activities that do not have any keywords. In the text box, you specify what the filtering option should be called, for example, "No selected keywords".

Allow users to add new keywords

Give users the ability to attach new keywords to the nodes. This option is only available if you have enabled "Enable multiple keywords".

The keywords in the group should be periodized.

Periodized keywords mean that the keyword is linked to the commenting period and reported when writing comments. If the comments are specific to a unit, the periodized keyword is also specific to that unit. For consolidated nodes, the comments are automatically unit-specific. Even for visible nodes, they are unit-specific by default. See settings for visible nodes in Comment Settings/General.

Periodized keywords are selected in the Reporting window above the comment field. Non-periodized keywords are selected in the Edit window and apply to the entire visibility chain.


It becomes mandatory to provide keywords. The keyword option "None" cannot be selected when "Mandatory" is enabled.

Department-specific keywords

Enables the ability to have keywords in the group that are only selectable for a specific department.

NOTE! If the node is visible to multiple units (not consolidated), the keywords that apply to the top unit will also be visible to the underlying departments. If you want all departments to have the ability to select their own keywords in visible nodes, you also need to enable periodized keywords and have department-specific comments.

Standard keywords

By selecting a default keyword, you indicate that the keyword will be pre-selected when a user adds a node where the keyword group is available. NOTE! To make this option visible, you must first add keywords to the keyword group. You will have the opportunity to choose from all the added keywords and the option "None".

Alphabetical sorting of keywords

By default, you can change the order in which the keywords are displayed. With this setting enabled, the keywords will automatically be sorted alphabetically by name.


Here, you can configure settings that control who can add keywords. The following options are available:

All users with editing privileges - any user with sufficient basic permissions can add keywords.

Only administrators - only users with administrator privileges can add keywords.

Only users with specific reporting privileges - only users belonging to groups with specific reporting privileges can add keywords.

Make visible for nodes in the following columns

Here, you can see a list of the control model columns currently available in your tool. Check the checkboxes for the control model columns where you want the keyword group to be visible. For example, if you check the box for the "Activities" column in your Business Plan, the keyword group will be added to all nodes created in that column.

Make visible for the following departments

Here, you can customize the visibility of keywords based on different levels. By default, "All departments" is selected, but you also have the option to switch to "department group" or "Selected departments".

Change keyword group

To modify a keyword group, click on the blue text "Change keywords" in the column to the right of the keyword group name that you want to change. You can freely arrange the order of the keywords using the cross icon, which becomes visible when you hover your mouse over each keyword.