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How are Scorecards, Views and Reports connected in Stratsys? (System logic)

It is a frequent mistake that, as a user, you look at a node in a View in Stratsys and then look into the Report and wonder but why can not I see the node here? I'll see it in the view.

The reason for this is because of the lack of understanding of the system logic about what information is displayed in Views or Reports, and where it is retrieved.

At the heart of the system, the scorecards are what you usually term as SOSFS, Intercontrol, Business Plan, and more. In addition, the Degradation of your workflow in the form of scorecard Columns to which the Node is then added.

The views are a view mode for the information in the scorecard and scorecard Columns. The views are used to enable you to work with the information in each scorecard. What information displayed in each view depends on the Node Properties you have specified per scorecard column and what you have chosen to filter.

Reports are another display mode for the information in a scorecard and its scorecard Columns and also have the node properties per column and filter settings which control the information displayed. The information from a scorecard is retrieved here via Report Sharing, specifying which scorecard and scorecard column as information is to be retrieved.

This means that both Views and Reports retrieve the information displayed from the same location, but since they both have their own Node Properties and Filter Settings, the information we see may ultimately differ significantly.


1. There is a possibility in a report section to copy the Node Properties and Filter Settings made in a specific view, but this only gives a snapshot, like a photo. Changing the filter in the View afterwards does not in any way affect the report portion thereof, the dashed line between views and report sections.

2. You can create reports without reports of retrieval from other parts of Stratsys, which contain manually added Text fields and Tables. Hence, we also find a dashed line between scorecards and Reports.