How to add a person as a reader in all meetings occurrences in a series

It is possible to add a person as a reader in all meetings in a meeting series. It could for example be that a person in a team quit and a new person takes over that person's duties. Then you may want the new person to have access to all the history of a meeting series, and now you can solve this without affecting the history of the participant list. The new person will of course be able to see the meetings, but it should not appear as if that person was a participant in the meetings. To do this, you do the following:

1. Ask someone who already is a participant in all meetings in the serie to open a meeting occurrence and click the button with three dots to expand the menu:

2. Select the "Role settings" menu option:

3. Click "Add":
4. Search for the person you want to add as a reader (1), select that person in the list (2) and click "Add" (3):
5. Then click on the three-dot-menu to the right of the added person:
6. Select the "Add to all meetings":
Now this person is added as a reader in all meetings in that serie. Please note that it is only true for all meetings in the series that the user who does the operation is participant in. If the person who does this is not a participant in all meetings, then the new person will not be a participant in all meetings either. It is therefore important that it is a regular participant who does this, and not a person who has only been involved in certain meetings.