Navigate through the organization tree.

Using the organization tree, you can navigate between units within the organization.

Organizational Tree

The organizational tree allows you to navigate between units within the organization. The units that a specific user has access to depend on their level of authorization. Your authorization level may also vary depending on the unit you are on and the authorization group you belong to.

The unit selector is located in the top right corner. To navigate between different units, simply browse through the dropdown list and click once on the unit you wish to move to. You can view underlying units by clicking on the plus sign.

NOTE: If you only see a limited number of units in the organizational tree, it may be because you do not have authorization to access other units within the organization.

In complex organizations, it can be challenging to find the right information among all the different units. If you want to search specifically within the organizational tree, click on the magnifying glass in the unit field before entering your search. The search results will be displayed in a list below the search field.