Under the Sign-ins tab you get information on all logins in stratsys. Here you will find information about if a user has logged in to Stratsys or if the login failed for a user and much more.

As a Super Administrator, you can review which logins have been made to your system. You do this now through the platform administration and under the Sign-ins tab.


By clicking on Add filter, you can do a more specific search around your logins. Here you can then search for Date, Event, Login method or Users. By checking (activating) these, you can then under each category make more subfiltrations. Among other things, you can search for a specific user who had problems logging in and enter the date when he had problems. Then the filtering can look like the following:

To discard your active filtering, click on the cross next to each filter category, or tick the choices you have made under each category.


Through this button you can download the list in json format. The files are most easily opened with the Notepad application, which is often pre-installed on all computers running the Windows operating system.