Account settings and authorisations

Account settings

All users have the opportunity to make certain settings for their own account. They can change languages on system terms, change their password and see what privileges they have in the system.
To get to the Account Settings, choose to click on the figure icon in the icon bar at the top right of Stratsys and then in the drop down menu on Account.

You are now on the overview page for your user's account settings, here you can see your username, e-mail and the organization's name in Stratsys under the Overview.
Scrolling down, you will see other information about your user:
In the menu to the left, in addition to the Overview, you can also choose to change the Password/ Language on Stratsys aswell as notifications settings. In regards of the language settings the change only covers system terms and not in cases where you have changed an existing term to your own in the language settings in the administration.
Under the notifications tab, you can also turn on calendar sync, which means that Stratsys can sync your activities in Stratsys with your Outlook calendar. So that the activities become visible in Outlook.

Your authorisations

Here you can see a summer of everything your users can do in Stratsys based on your User Group(s).