FAQ - Stratsys new platform

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our new platform

When will the transition to the new platform take place for us?

During 2020 and 2021, we will migrate across all customers to the new platform. During the autumn of 2021, all customers will be migrated unless the customer have an on-site platform. 

How do I log in to Stratsys with the new platform

Log in by entering: https://stratsys.com/companycode

For example: https://stratsys.com/wolwo

If you have saved bookmark links, or a login via your intranet that is not the link shown above, then these should be updated!

What changes with the new platform

To facilitate and ensure our security regarding information that you enter and give you as an administrator more control, you as a global administrator get a new area for administration.

The parts that are moved from the Database to the platform are as follows:

  • Users (add, delete, impersonate). Read more about user management.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Login statistics
  • Language & contact
  • Settings included when purchasing for Stratsys Enterprise
  • Opportunity for isolated environments
  • User synchronization (AD sync)
  • Insights (under development)
  • Review log
  • Increased security control
  • Database management
  • Developer portal

You can read more about each part in our manual

Super Administrators and User Administrators

During the migration, you who are full administrators in Stratsys also get the role of Super Administrator in the platform, which gives you full access to all settings in the platform.

You get to the Platform Administration in Stratsys via bottom left menu as shown below.

If you do not see this icon, you will miss the role "Super Administrator". Contact your local Stratsys administrator for questions about your privileges, or support if you are already a full administrator.

If you were a Local Administrator before the migration and had the right to administer users to continue bieng able to administer users even after migration, you now also need to have the role User Administrator.

If you were a Local Administrator with user administrator privileges before the migration then you would also need to have the role of User Administrator in the platform aswell-

If you had the role of User Administrator before the migration you can still access the Platform Administration as above, but have a limited authorization there. You can however perform user management from within Stratsys administration as usual.

Super Administrator: Has rights to all functionality in the platform

User Administrator: May create, modify, correct roles and delete users in the platform

Administrator in Stratsys vs Platform - what's the difference?

Platform Roles = Super Administrator & User Administrator

Stratsys Authorizations = Full Administrator & Local Administrator

In Stratsys, we use various privileges to administer, these are often called Full (Global) Administrator and Local Administrator. The permissions remain just as usual and apply per database.

In the platform, we use two new roles, Super Administrator and User Administrator and apply to all databases in the platform.

The roles are an addition to existing permissions and do not change the permissions in the Stratsys database.

A regular user of Stratsys should not have any platform roles.

How do I know what platform role the administrators should have?

In most cases, we recommend that Full (Global) Administrators also be given the role of Super Administrator in the platform.

The User Administrator should only be given to the people who manage Stratsys users, usually the Local Administrators.

Contact Stratsys support or your Stratsys consultant if you have questions about this.

Are users affected by the platform?

No, no users are affected by the migration to the platform, except for those who usually log in via a saved bookmark link. This may in that case and in need of an updated to: https://stratsys.com/companycode

The work can also continue as usual. Non-administering users will not have access to the platform, just as they will not have access to the Stratsys administration.

Domain change in Stratsys

In connection with migration to the new platform, we will also update our domain from * .se to * .com. For those of you who use firewalls or trusted sites, you also need to add * .stratsys.com

For those of you who have our Comparison Service, the same applies to this add-on service.

Note that * .se will exist, this means that SSO, integrations, IP addresses will not be affected at this time. Before .se is removed, we will come out with information in good time.

The domain change does NOT affect login links and you log in just as usual with the same links as before.

Do I need to be on the platform instead of Stratsys?

You will be able to work on as usual in Stratsys. Only a few settings are moved. The goal is for you as an administrator to be able to work on just as before.

How is SSO (Singel sign-on) affected by the migration?

SSO will automatically follow with the migration - so there is nothing that needs to changed.

If you want to set up SSO for the first time after a migration has been done, this will be done via the platform instead of inside the database as before, which will ultimately facilitate the set-up for all concerned as it becomes more standardized.