SSO - Single Sign On

Update Stratsys SSO version

A step-by-step guide to updating your SSO version in Stratsys

Observe that changing the version of your SSO affects the Stratsys metadata. This means you have to update your IdP for the SSO to continue to work towards Stratsys. Please contact an IT-responsible person within your organization before you make any adjustments in order to avoid any set backs for the users logging in to Stratsys through SSO.

Step 1:

Begin by logging into Stratsys and then navigate to the platform center through the gearwheels in the left menu.  In order to get access to the platform center you must have the superadministrator authority, please contact your Stratsys responsible if you lack the authority.

Step 2:

Navigate to Single sign-on in the left menu of the platform center.

Step 3:

Below Inloggningsmetoder (Log in methods) click on the pencil icon after Saml2 - Single sign-on.

Step 4:

Adjust the metadata version by chosing version v4 in the drop-down menu, then press save (spara). The saving step is important for the metadata to update correctly!

Step 5:

Copy the Stratsys metadata by pressing the copy-icon under Metadata url. Make sure you pressed save in the previous step before copying the Stratsys metadata.

Step 6:

Configure your IdP by updating it with Stratsys new metadata. These steps vary depending on the IdP you use. If you have any questions regarding the configuration of your IdP, please contact your IdP-provider. 

Step 7:

Make sure that the SSO is working by going to
If you have SSO selected as your standard log-in method you should automatically be logged in to Stratsys. If SSO is not selected as your standard log-in method, you navigate to and choose the Single sign-on button to automatically log in to Stratsys.

If you have any questions regarding the update of version, don't hesitate to contact

For any questions regarding your IdP, please contact your IdP-provider.