Resource Management

Resource planning has never been easier

Finding resource planning for your organization time-consuming and difficult to match your budget? Well those days are over. Step into the new world of smart, efficient and streamlined management. Step into the world of efficient resource planning.

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With a set of custom features, keeping track of personnel, students, schedules and budgets is a walk in the park. These are the resource planning components that will help you simplify your work-life.

Staffing plan

Easily plan and get a clear view of your teachers’ work days, job division and authorizations.

Class schedules

Make sure your students get statutory education, at the same time as you visualize your backups.

Staff distribution

Manage staffing according to your budget; distribute your staff and estimate costs per department.

Budget forecast

Get an overview of the collected incomes and expenses at your institution, including personnel costs.

Authorization control

Import information from authorities and get accurate data on your personnel’s qualifications.

Schedule support

Export your ready-made resource planning and keep it as a basis for your scheduling.


Create several parallel plans to simulate e.g. changes in class division, new teachers etc

Cloud based

A cloud based setup gives you freedom, flexibility and security all-in-one.

Adjustable & Flexible

We are happy to help you to customize the product to fit your specific needs.

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