GRC Internal audit

Stratsys Audit as a support in your improvement process

With Stratsys, your auditing can collect and analyse the most critical information about daily work, create recommendations, and share material with line managers for comments and action planning - all directly in the tool.

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Stratsys Audit as a support

Stratsys Audit focuses on auditing as a support for the line organisation’s continuous improvement work. Create reviews and select existing auditing steps or create new ones in the areas of risk management, problem management, control declarations, control exceptions, and standard controls.

Document and create recommendations

These reviews can be documented in the level of detail that serves both the audit and your organisation. The information documented in the system can be shared with the relevant line managers, in whole or in part, as needed. You can also create recommendations regarding the individual review elements.

Evaluate and develop the work

Follow up on management’s response and resulting action plan. Stratsys Audit allows the audit to share conclusions and results with the audited parts of your enterprise and responsible managers. This makes it easy to respond to both overall recommendations and those related to specific elements.


Steering your organization in the right direction requires astute, reliable assistance. That’s why we’ve created a set of smart features, designed to help you succeed.

Goal alignment

Each department can set and follow its own goals in alignment with the company’s overall goals.


Get a real time overview of the strategic plans, KPI diagrams and each department’s progress.


Analyze in the context of your goals and metrics; manage reports manually or integrate them with your overall analysis.

To-do lists

With personal to-do lists, all assignments with deadlines are gathered and easily accessible.


See what’s been done, what you must do during the current period, and what’s on your future agenda.


One of our most popular features. Easily compile each department’s account and put together reports and analysis.

Annual planning cycle

Get an overview by visualizing the most important events of the year in an interactive wheel chart.


Sending daily reminders of your assigned tasks means nothing gets forgotten.

Risk matrix

Visualize potential risks, their probability and consequences, and get a clear understanding of what needs to be handled.


Get things done by delegating assignments to yourself or other co-workers.


Upload documents related to different parts of the process, e.g. goals, activities or meetings.

Cloud based

A cloud based setup gives you freedom, flexibility and security all-in-one.

Adjustable & Flexible

We’ll be happy to help you customize the product to suit your specific needs.

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