Stratsys Platform

Stratsys platform is a modern technical cloud platform that enables the development, operation and administration of products in a user-friendly and secure way.

The cornerstones of the platform are high security and great traceability. You get a product with modern infrastructure and operating solution as well as a common license management for all Stratsys products.

The Stratsys platform is available in two variants: Stratsys Enterprise and Stratsys Standard:

A modern platform with many valuable assets

Here we describe the greatest assets with Stratsys' new platform and how these affect you in business practices.

High security and great traceability

The security in Stratsys platform meets the strict requirements of the outside world and gives you as a customer full control over security levels and events linked to logins across all products in the platform.

Logins and login attempts are gathered in an audit log for the entire platform where all products, databases and mobile apps are included.

In the platform administration, you as a customer also get a clear picture of which employees at Stratsys have access to your data in the platform and have the opportunity to turn off access for individual employees and / or Stratsys technical support.
We have also centralized other security settings such as password management and login options.

Modern infrastructure and operating solution for the products in the platform

The infrastructure for Stratsys' new platform operates stand-alone services that collaborate with each other to offer the best development environment, performance and user experience for the end user.

All configuration in the infrastructure is version-managed and packaged in containers, which makes it easier for developers in Stratsy's platform to develop, set up production and monitor new services in a fast and smooth process.

Common user management for all products

One of the foundations of Stratsy's new platform is that user management has been moved from individual databases into the new platform. This means that changes made to the platform's user management have an impact on all databases where the user has access, such as historical copies or other products.

The basis for this is a new customer concept that has been introduced in the platform, which means that all products and databases that your organization has access to are connected to the users in the platform.

With the new user management, it will be easier for you to ensure that users have the right access to products and databases.

Common login service for all products

Regardless of which products the organization uses, one and the same login is used throughout the platform. Login via Single Sign-On (SSO) has full support in the platform.

Common license management for all products

In Stratsys platform, you get a clear overview of which licenses your organization has for different products in the platform. It is also possible to test new products and order more licenses directly from the platform.

Isolated product environments (Enterprise)

On the theme of security, the platform also makes it possible to divide the use of products between different databases to ensure completely isolated environments for products that contain sensitive data that everyone in your organization should not have access to, such as products in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) .

Isolated environments mean a number of different advantages such as that the products can have different owners and are completely independent of each other in terms of global settings, version management and organizational structure. Isolated environments also mean a reduced risk of information leakage within the organization and that the number of administrators and report creators can be kept down.

Developer portal - an open and dynamic integration portal (Enterprise)

With Stratsys Developer Portal, you as a customer can create integrations with Stratsys products. Centrally control what access different integrations have and manage keys and security for integrations.

With our API Explorer, you can easily get an overview of Stratsys APIs and see what data it calls for and how the answers look like.

It will be easy to build your own integrations and thanks to the platform, the integrations you build can go towards one or more of the products and databases that your organization works with.

Insights (Enterprise)

Insights will enable you as a customer to take part in information about your use of Stratsys products in the organization.

You will on your own be able to follow the use in the organization to be able to direct training and support to different parts of the organization.

Database Management (Enterprise)

The platform's database management creates opportunities for you as a customer to independently administer and assign test and training databases within the organization.